Snowfer UniBoard


     For Kiteboarding on Snow and Ice

When Charles designed the Snowfer UniBoard, his goal was to create the closest feeling to kiteboarding on water. The UniBoard is the closest you can have (the transition to snowkiting to waterkiting took Charles 15 minutes and half an hour later is jumping already.

The UniBoard is not just a twin tip but a first ever design 3-directional board (Patent Pending). The board can slide left, right and forward without catching the opposite edge.

The UniBoard has only one sharp edge that holds very well on ice plus it does not have any side cuts like the snowboard. Giving a smoother & faster ride. You only need to sharpen one edge instead of four sides like the skis. The board performs very well on deep snow to black ice.

As for safety, we believe it's safer than skis or snowboard. With the step-in binding you're not attach to your board unlike snowboard or skis. If the rider makes a mistake and looses balance, recovery is much easier.

The 2010 Snowfer UniBoard is the fifth generation and the most advance, versatile designed up-to-date. We believe with the UniBoard will open new possibilities for kiteboarding on snow and ice.

Brand New Snowfer UniBoard $800                    Demo Snowfer UniBoard $500