Nov/Dec 1997

Sailing the Winter Waves

Ice Windsurfing
by David Helliwell

Since the 1970's, windsurfers around the world have been sailing on as many new waters as possible. Lakes, oceans, small waves, big waves, warm water, cold
water - And one group of avid windsurfers continues to pursue their passion on the winter time waters of Canada, the US, and northern Europe. Wind swept frozen lakes are popular hang outs for the boys and girls of summer who happen to live in places with frozen winters. Ice sailors - They've been clocked in the neighbourhood of 100 km/h - So warm clothes, a bit of padding and a helmet are usually worn over the sailors board shorts and bikinis.


The Snowfer is a patented sled for boardsailing on snow and ice, using a conventional windsurfing rig. The basic techniques are quite similar on water, but considerably easier on snow and ice since the "tipping effect" is eliminated.

It is very easy to learn and can be used anywhere around the world as long as there are snow-covered fields or ice-covered lakes. You only need a marginal wind to sail the Snowfer.

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