Lake Ontario

MARCH 2000

Charles Chepregi likes to sail, but mostly when it's cold outside. Like, really cold, when the lakes are frozen and the snow is deep.

He designed his own racer called the Snowfer. Now he plans to go to Kajaani, Finland, where it's really cold, even for March. This small town which is only about 200 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, is the host of the WISSA 2000 World Ice and Snow Sailing world championships.

Chepregi has bee competing in these world championships since 1991. Held all over the world, in places like Estonia, Poland, USA and Canada. He says Canada is an ideal host country because of the interest in the sport and the cold Canadian winters.

Chepregi who is from Hungary and came to Canada in 1970 and now calls North York home, placed third overall and first place three times in the 40 plus category (he's a very young looking 54).

Many of these snow and ice sailors can be seen on Frenchman's Bay and on Lake Simcoe, where they hold annual races.

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