Always check the ice condition before you start sailing. Drill holes in the area where you are going to sail in to test ice thickness. Especially important in the beginning of the season. Make sure the ice thickness is not less than 4 inch and hard (known as black ice). Never go on the ice alone. Wear a life jacket, helmet and have an ice pick with you at all times. Ice/snow sailing & kitesurfing are a wonderful winter sport. Play it safe at all times.

Snowfer Ice Sailing



Friday, January 21, 2011


Extreme Weather Sailing

This day we have some great video footage for some extreme weather  sailing. The Snowfer UniBoard does extremely well under this conditions.    Sailing with control and full speed from

a short lined kite to a foil kite and even inflatable kite. Both Charles and Ian had a fantastic time. Again we experimented 

with the GoPro video using a handmade attachment onto the board. Video was quite shaky a little bit. For those interested in checking out how it feels like sailing the Uniboard on snow check  it from this link. SnowferFest 2011 is coming up soon. This is your opportunity to try and demo both boards. Click here for more info.        ----- Reported By  PTG.

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